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• Plastic nail file base for disposable files.
• Shape: beveled, crescent.
• Used in work with disposable adhesive files in the shape of a crescent.
• Base size 162*25 mm.
• Lightweight and comfortable to use.
• To perform safe manicure and pedicure, minimizes the possibility of infection.
• The convex side is recommended for polishing lateral nail folds, as well as for treating calluses on the toes.
• Straight side for filing the shape and forming the free edge of the nail.
• Allow using different abrasives.
• Due to the use of disposable files increases the hygiene and safety of the procedure.
• Made of high-strength plastic.
• Can be disinfected with special agents.
• Can be cold sterilized in a special solution.
• IMPORTANT! Cannot be sterilized in a dry heat oven or autoclave.
Slanted Plastic Nail File, Crescent (Base) EXPERT 40
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