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• Pedicure pusher (thin straight nail file + thin nail file with a bent end).
• The working part “narrow nail file” is designed to work with an ingrown nail.
• The working part “nail file with a bent end” allows working in hard-to-reach places to file the nail plate.
• The nail file has narrow working parts and a pointed top.
• Professional manual sharpening.
• Corrugated handle improves the fixation of the tool in the hand of the technician.
• Additional resistance to corrosion due to polishing with GOI paste.
• High-alloy stainless steel.
• Resistant to sterilization in a dry heat oven and autoclave.
• Can be subject to disinfection with special agents.
• Recommended for pedicure.
Pedicure Tool EXPERT 60 TYPE 4 (Straight Narrow Nail File And File With A Bent End)
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