Individual e - file pedicure course 

Individual e - file pedicure course  

   Inovational course for those, who wants to improve or start a new business. We help to build strong theoretical and practical skills to beginners or working techs.

 It is a strong investment to successful work, that will teach you:
      - Esthetic and safe hardvare pedicure technique.
             - Use electric nail file, manicure bits and pedicure tools.
       - Choose modern, safe and fast solution for dry feets and callus.
       - Recognize foot skin and nail type.
       - Choose right cosmetics for different customer.
       - Correctly disinfect and sterilize working tools and equipment.

THEORY - natural nail anatomy, nail deseases and potologies, hygiene norms, disinfection and sterilization.

PRACTICAL WORK - work on real model.

 - During the course we will provide all necessary working equipment.
- After the course you will receive certificate of completion.

DURARTION:                        PRICE:
3,5h                                         300 

*Pedicure with biab or gel polish course is 500 

 E - file manicure and biab application

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